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Here are some of my prized guns and some nice hunting pictures will be added as time goes by too.  Just click on the photo for a larger image.

It runs deep in my family

I owe my love of hunting to both of my grandfathers and I am sure their fathers before. It has been a tradition in my family since time began. This is my Grandpa Charlie in 1947 after he returned from WWII. He died in 1981....I sure miss him, I also owe my clowning personality to him. He was a major clown, always good for a laugh.

Grandpa Charlie 1947

Grandpa Charlie 1947

Grandpa Charlie's deer 1947

No one could hold a candle to my grandpa with a shotgun, as this deer found out. 12 guage slugs were the way to go then.

Grandpa Anderson

I not only owe my first and middle names to my grandpa's, but I also inherited my competitive spirit, morals, ethics, and just about everything else from them as well. Grandpa Anderson died in a car accident on December 12, 2002. I had just been laid off from Lucent, and it was my dad's birthday. This was a crushing year for me. Growing up it was like I had 2 dads. The one that gave me discipline and the one that spoiled me. Grandpa Anderson will live forever in my memory...for all of the memories that are happy in my life were of time I spent with him.

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My 2 dads. Grandpa Anderson and my dad.

I think that I am about 3 in this photo....I have no is apparent that we had just returned from a fishing trip.

My earliest memories of fishing

As best as I can remember, my first memories of fishing are with my grandpa. We would get up at 3am and go to the Bread truck and deliver his route. By 3-4pm we would be in Thunderbolt (Savannah, Ga) or at the Ogeechee river with lines in the water.

Halibut fishing in Seward, Alaska

Pink Salmon caught by my dog and I

He was the better fisherman that day.

One of my favorite rivers in Alaska

I think that I will have this one mounted

Grayling are a blast to catch. This one was a bit small to keep. That day I only caught 3 fish, the next day, I caught over 130 out of the spot right behind where I am standing. I sure miss my honey hole. Somewhere in Alaska.....I won't tell where.

Chris and his first deer

A really nice Doe. 2001

Chris joins the brotherhood of hunters

Welcome....May the hunting Gods forever shine success and safety on you during your hunts. Kyle Wright inducting Chris the hunting season of 2001 at the Red River Farm and Duck Club, Telephone Texas

My neighbor Fred and me on one of our hunting trips

Fred built a great little camp kitchen that breaks down into a compact unit for transport. This particular trip we were drenched the entire time. In this picture we are trying to get dried out by the fire and make some breakfast. One of the things that I hate about Texas is that you have to camp in "Designated Camp Sites" not following this rule can result in a $150 fine. Designated camp sites are mud pits when it rains, not to mention that one must listen to generators howl until 10pm for the sissy campers to watch tv. I miss Alaska. I miss the peaceful sound of Loons in the night while talking about great adventures in the outdoors from years past. 2003 season.

Small Pig taken on Caddo Grasslands

This little piggy went to the freezer to see what is for dinner. Oops!!!! Poor little piggy found out that it is dinner. Taken with 12ga slug out of a single shot H&R. 25 September 2004

Ken and some Jack Rabbits

In Texas, Jackrabbits are considered a varmint. 100 Jackrabbits graze as much as one cow. I never realized how big a rabbit can get until this hunting trip. 10 Dec 2004

My workshop

Having a little fun in the shop doing some reloading.

Ruger Super Redhawk 7.5" Barrel

.454 Casull / .45 Colt

Here is the ultimate Hog Harvesting Machine. We decided to top it with the Burris 2-7X 32mm with the Posi-Lock Ballistic Plex Reticle. With the amount of recoil that this thing dishes out, we felt it to be pretty important to have the Posi-Lock function, and the Ballistic Plex is perfect to allow accurate shooting out to 150yds....assuming that the shooter is doing his part. Also shown are some of our current ammo options. From Left to Right .45Colt with #7 birdshot (does not group very well), factory Winchester 454 300gr jacketed flat point (no Chrono yet), 454 260gr Nosler Partition (1561fps), 45Colt 300gr cast (1270fps), 454 300gr Hornady XTP (1480fps), 454 250gr Hornady XTP Mag (1568fps). We are currently working on the optimum load for this gun right now. We will post test results as they become available.

The flip-side of devastation unleashed

The Ultimate Carry Harness

We have found that the most comfortable way to carry such bulky armament is the Bianchi 4101 Ranger HuSH Rig. One day with anything else will convince the carrier that there is no other option.

My baby...One of the finest rifles ever produced by Remington. The Model 600 Mohawk in .308 Winchester.

Although it only has an 18.5" barrel, I have found that by using faster burning powders that I can get pretty close to longer barrel velocities without exceeding pressure limits. This rifle's favorite bullet weight is 165/168gr at about 2450-2500fps. Just about any bullet at this weight and velocity range will cut cloverleafs at 100yds. The other bullet that it loves is anything 180grs at 2300-2400fps. My favorites are Nosler Ballistic tips in 165gr and the Nosler Partition in 180gr. I am currently experimenting with the new Hornady 165gr SST. One of the nicest things about this rifle is the trigger that I personally, completely disassembled and hand polished every piece to produce a pull better than the best benchrest rifle. I have not tested weight, but there is literally no noticeable movement as the sear releases. It has survived a 5ft drop test without releasing the safety has not been compromised. This rifle far exceeds the average shooter's abilities.

Rare Option--Steel Floorplate

One of the expensive things that I have done to this rifle is to add a steel floorplate to get rid of the plastic crap that came from the factory. This was one of the rifles that Remington tried to keep prices down by using less expensive materials in areas away from the barrel and action. They were made only in the 1970's...I believe from 1971-1979. The Model 600 had a ventilated rib on the barrel and was produced from 1964-1968. Mine is the Mohawk promotional version and was produced in 1979 according to the barrel code. There were 94,920 produced and mine is serial # 57,656. The rifle was so popular that they have brought it back as the model 673 Guide. This has renewed the life of a great caliber 350 Rem Mag. In 308 with hot loads my rifle's recoil can be extremely unpleasant. The 350 Mag is brutal. My rifle bluebooks at $395...but if it were for sale, she would not go for less than 3 times that. Needless to say...she is not for sale.

Dogleg bolt makes for a quick reload.

New England Hammer in 45-70 and 223 Remington

Two things about a hammer. If you hit something with it it tends to go down, and you can drive nails with it. Well.....with the 45-70, anything it hits goes down hard, and with the 223....I can drive tacks, nails, and thumbtacks (on occasion) all day long. I am a big fan in shoot once and hit hard. This rifle is lethal, as one 305yd coyote discovered last year, and a nice deer the year before, and maybe a few hogs this year will adventure the same ending. The best thing about this is CHEAP!!!!!!!!! Notice the magazine on the side for second shots....that have never been needed. Also, the 45-70 can be loaded with 458 spire points in 300gr varieties, that well....come close to the 458 Win Mag. Interesting thing to know.

Flip side

Ok...I know I said Guns.....but bows are cool too...Right?

I can say only one thing......Mathews Legacy.....Nothing else needs to be said.

The grip that makes a statement.

That statement is quality precision. The best bow manufacturer in the world.

New for this year is my Vital Bow Gear drop away rest.

Last year an arrow falling from the rest to the riser cost me a nice deer. Not this year....problem solved.

Another view of the perfect rest.

What makes this rest perfect is that when you draw back, the arm releases the arrow, and if you change your mind and draw back down, the arm grabs the arrow again. It holds the arrow securely, no matter what angle the bow is at......including upside-down. I don't know when I will be upside- down with my bow....but if ever I am....I have no worry about my arrow falling to the riser.

Lonnie is the owner of Denton County Sports Association.

Also known as DCSA or Copper Canyon. Lonnie is one of the best friends that I have ever known. He is responsible for getting me involved in teaching Hunter Education classes. He is also nice enough to give me pretty much unlimited access to the range. We just added Chronograph services to the range. This picture is in the classroom section.

Front area of the DSCA range

We occasionally hold classes outside when the weather permits.

Side view of DCSA Range

Part of the skills trail for Hunter Ed.

DCSA Range Entrance

Nice selection of targets that Lonnie keeps in stock for customer's enjoyment

Range lanes

DCSA range has 2 lanes that are 50 feet long. Lonnie did an impressive job of building everything.

Lonnie preparing to chrono the Casull

Lonnie and the Casull during recoil

Recoil bag

When doing large amounts of load testing even the toughest men need a little help with the recoil. Especially with anything 30-06 and bigger.

Jim Andrew and Billy

Jim in his normal state of happiness. Jim is one of the new additions to the Hunting Education Instructor line-up at the Denton County Sports Association. This was taken on a recent preseason sight-in trip to Backwoods Traps Shooting Club.

Me during Desert Storm

I love the Barrett M82A1 50 Cal. Sniper Rifle. Very effective out to 2.5 miles on trucks and a little over a mile on personnel. (Oops...I mean personnel's equipment)

My friend Valon and myself on a Duck hunt. 11 Dec 2004

Val is the biggest duck hunter that I can think of. He likes duck hunting as much as I like deer and hog hunting. He is a far better duck shooter than I am though. I don't think that I cut a feather all day. It was fun though.

Lonnie with nasty Rattlesnake

Nice 5+ footer. It had 17 rattles and a button. Thank god for guns and snake boots/leggings.

Valon and myself with Cottonmouth

Spring has sprung and the slithery critters have awakened. The lease lake was alive with the nasty moccassins on our recent scouting trip to our new hunting lease. The 'ole Super Redhawk was doing a nice number on the snakes.

Val and Lonnie with another moccassin

Val with yet another moccassin

Note snake head on a spit...Val really dislikes snakes.

Look closely for the sneaky snake

Can you find the moccassin?

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